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Travel Cash

The ideal travel companion for Switzerland and worldwide: now incl. the Hotelcard with a 50% discount on Swiss hotels



As part of our new brand image, from mid-April 2020, Travel Cash will be called Travel.

Travel Cash Prepaid Mastercard: Everything you need for your trip! 

Travel care-free and risk-free with our reloadable travel card. Perfect for students on a language learning trip or school exchange program, backpackers, world travellers or just those who like visiting foreign countries. The Swiss Bankers Travel Cash Prepaid Mastercard is accepted just like a standard Mastercard at over 44 million locations worldwide. You can also use it to make online purchases or withdraw cash at favourable rates at over 2 million ATMs. The Travel Cash card is also accepted everywhere in Switzerland. And thanks to mobile payment options for smartwatches and Android and Apple devices, you can make contactless payments at many stores: it’s fast, convenient, contactless and you don’t have to worry about having cash on hand. 

Travel Cash_Hotelcard

Travel Cash is now DOUBLY worth its while!

Don’t hesitate to secure the free additional Hotelcard service from 1 July 2019.

Up to 50% discount in over 600 hotels in Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Italy.

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No annual fee

There is no annual fee for your Travel Cash card. You merely pay a loading commission, generally 1.5 % of the load amount. In addition, the fees may vary depending on the loading mode. Cash withdrawals at ATMs are charged at CHF 5.–, EUR 5.–, or USD 5.– only, depending on the card currency (cash withdrawals in other countries are charged at CHF 7.50, EUR 7.50, or USD 7.50 from 1st September 2019). Handling fee for transactions is 0.00%. When you use the card in shops or online, the fee is CHF 1.–, EUR 1.–, or USD 1.–.

Here you can find the fee tables.


Also available in euro or US dollar: three currencies for maximum flexibility

Our prepaid travel card is available in Swiss francs, euro and US dollars. As a result, you can avoid unnecessary currency conversions and the ensuing exchange losses while travelling in Europe and in the USA. Our tip: When you make a payment abroad, always do so in the local currency in order to avoid hefty currency conversion fees.

Hoechste Sicherheit

High security: protection against fraud

ou travel. We take on the risk. The Swiss Bankers Travel Cash card has you covered: Your prepaid card can only be charged if there is available credit. And if the card gets lost or stolen, you don’t have to worry about losing your credit. Simply freeze the card with one click using the «My Card» app as soon as you notice that the card has gone missing. This prevents fraudulent transactions from eating into your budget. Then you can obtain a new card simply by calling customer service hotline.


Worldwide replacement for lost cards

Your replacement card – complete with the same credit as your lost or stolen card – will be sent to you via courier free of charge anywhere in the world. So no matter where you are, you’ll be able to continue using your travel prepaid card in no time. If you have activated your card for mobile payments such as Apple Pay or Samsung Pay, your replacement card will be ready for virtual use on your smartwatch or smartphone in real time after having requested it.

With the security of your card guaranteed, you can relax on the beach, explore foreign cities or conquer mountain peaks without having to keep thinking about your account balance. You receive a notification on your smartphone following each transaction, allowing you to keep track of every charge – and immediately recognise if the card has fallen into the wrong hands. You can check your expenses, cash withdrawals, and your card balance at any time by means of the «My Card» app. You can also use the geoblocking feature to block transactions from countries where you are not planning to travel. Information about all the features described here is also available via phone. Simply call our customer service team on +41 31 710 12 15.  

Get instant money for travel with speedy loading, both at home and abroad

You can reload your prepaid credit card at one of our partner retail outlets, with an online banking transfer, or by using a credit card or PostFinance card. You can load your card with travel cash between 100 and 10,000 Swiss francs, euro or US dollars. If you load your card via the My Card app or directly at your bank, the new amount will be activated on your card within 15 minutes. There are no waiting times, and your card will immediately be ready for use! When making a transfer via e-banking, it takes around two days for the new limit to be active.

Travel Cash Fees

Swiss Bankers - Travel Cash

Positioning The ideal and secure means of travel payment
Currencies CHF / EUR / USD
Max. number cards nat. person 5
Max. number cards leg. person 1 per currency per card holder
Top-up min. CHF / EUR / USD 100.00
Top-up max. CHF / EUR / USD 10'000.00
Annual fee for end-customers -
Top-up fee normally 1.50%
Processing fee change of currency* 0.00% (none)
Processing fee foreign country* 0.00% (none)
Domestic ATM withdrawal fee
depends on card currency
CHF / EUR / USD 5.00
Foreign ATM withdrawal fee*
depends on card currency
CHF / EUR / USD 7.50
Transaction fee POS and online CHF / EUR / USD 1.00
Replacement card fee free
Available from banks, PostFinance, SBB
Use options
  • ATM
  • POS (Point of Sale)
  • Contactless (NFC)
  • Online (e-Commerce)
  • Apple Pay
  • Samsung Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Garmin Pay, Fitbit Pay, SwatchPAY!
Characteristics Worldwide free replacement in the event of loss or theft, normally within three working days, including residual card value.
Immediate replacement of digitally-deposited cards.
Loading, blocking, unblocking via "My Card" app.

*valid from 01.09.2019

You can choose to load your card whenever you need it or set up a recurring bank transfer. You can access our e-banking payment information quickly and easily. Here you can find the product overview.

For any other questions about our travel card offer, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions. If something is still unclear, the Swiss Bankers customer service team is ready to help. Simply give us a call on +41 31 710 12 15.