Mobile payment

Mobile payment - easy payments with your smartphone or smartwatch.

Everyone has been there: It is time to pay, you reach for your wallet – and it is not there. Or you are getting ready to go and want to travel light, with just your smartphone in your pocket.

Mobile payments make paying quick and easy in bars, restaurants or long checkout lines, and it reduces your chance of losing money or having it stolen. Save your card in the Swiss Bankers app for contactless payments with your mobile. Once you activate your card on your smartphone or your smartwatch, you will be assigned a unique device identifier known as a token. Your token is encrypted and stored on the phone or watch, meaning that your confidential card information is not saved on the device.

With the contactless payment method (NFC) you can pay contactlessly in most stores and all supermarkets in Switzerland as well as at 19 million locations in more than 70 countries. Just look for the contactless symbol on the payment terminal. ⋑

Everywhere where Mastercard is accepted.

Mobile payments with your smartphone and smartwatch.

Never has paying in a shop been so easy as it is with mobile payments – all you need is your mobile phone or smartwatch. Activate mobile payments in the Swiss Bankers app using Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or a payment method offered by another provider. You are now ready to make mobile payments with your card – it is just that easy!

When you pay via mobile payment there are no additional fees other than the standard fees you would be charged if you paid with your Swiss Bankers prepaid card.

Apple Pay

To make payments easily and conveniently in stores and supermarkets you need nothing more than a new iPhone (iPhone 6 or later) or an Apple Watch as well as a credit card from Swiss Bankers (Life, Travel, Prime or Value). You’ll have paid in just a few seconds and are ready to pack your shopping bag. 

To verify the transaction, you can use a previously defined SmartCode or the Touch ID fingerprint system. On the iPhone X, you can now also authorize payments using Face ID. Consequently, only you can pay with your device.

Easily install Apple Pay
Activate your prepaid card now with the Swiss Bankers app for mobile payments and pay using your smartphone and/or smartwatch at any time and anywhere quickly, conveniently and, most importantly, securely.

Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay offers two types of contactless payment methods: NFC (near field communication) and MST (magnetic secure transmission). Therefore, Samsung Pay also works with all payment terminals using a magnetic stripe reader. This is particularly advantageous in countries like the USA where magnetic stripe readers are still widely used.

To make a payment using your Samsung smartphone, simply swipe up on the screen. You identify yourself using the Samsung Pay PIN you selected or your fingerprint. Those with a newer Galaxy model (S8 or later) can also identify themselves using an iris scanner. These security features ensure that only you can make payments with your device.

Please refer to our FAQs to learn more about which Samsung devices are compatible with Samsung Pay. 

Easily install Samsung Pay
Activate your prepaid card now with the Swiss Bankers app for mobile payments and pay using your smartphone and/or smartwatch at any time and anywhere quickly, conveniently and, most importantly, securely.

Google Pay

To be able to pay in stores with Google Pay you need a newer Android device as well as a prepaid card from Swiss Bankers (Life, Travel, Prime or Value). The card must be loaded with the corresponding credit amount.

Pay quickly and easily
Activate your prepaid card in the Swiss Bankers app to pay with Google Pay. To pay, unlock the device and hold it over the payment terminal. And you're done.

Fitbit Pay

Do you always have your fitness tracker on your wrist? Why not have your prepaid credit card available at all times as well? Perfect for those stops to the supermarket after hitting the gym. To make a payment using your Fitbit, hold down the left button for two seconds and enter your four-digit Fitbit Pay PIN. Hold your Fitbit smartwatch next to the payment terminal. And your payment is done. Fitbit Pay is available on the following Fitbit models: Ionic, Versa and Charge 3.

Garmin Pay

Do you have a smartwatch from Garmin? Why not add another functionality – mobile payments – and leave your prepaid card at home? Simply activate Garmin Pay™ and pay using your smartwatch at over 19 million locations. To do so, press and hold down the right button for two seconds, tap on the card symbol, enter the four-digit Garmin Pay PIN and hold the watch near the payment terminal – you’ve made your payment!


All you need is your SwatchPAY! Watch, the latest version of the SwatchPAY! App or a smartphone, and in just a couple of minutes, you’ll be ready to pay at any contactless terminal with a flick of the wrist!

Mobile payments offer top-notch security.

One key advantage of mobile payments is their security: Your card number is not saved on your device. Once you add your card to the payment app, you will be assigned a unique device identifier known as a token. This encrypted token is securely stored on your device – not your credit card number. This means that merchants will not actually receive your card number when you make a payment, which protects you against fraud. Depending on your device, you can verify your identity with a fingerprint (Touch ID), facial recognition or a personally-defined PIN.

Don’t worry about losing your card while travelling or forgetting it in your hotel room: simply make mobile payments using your smartphone or your smartwatch. With mobile payment, your card is always ready for a transaction and enjoys an extra layer of security.

Full control over your mobile payments.

Did you know that you can also manage your card online? Simply download the Swiss Bankers app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and you’re in complete control. You can activate your card for mobile payment and even freeze your card yourself in case of emergency. Following every transaction, you will immediately receive a notification with all the details so you can monitor that everything is correct.