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Prepaid Travel credit card

The card without annual fee.

Get up to 10% cashback with the Travel card on – even on discounted accommodation! Save at least an additional 15% on offers.

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Life prepaid credit card

The card for daily life.

Add credit as needed and always have your expenses under control. Also available as Life Digital on your mobile phone.

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Worldwide money transfer.

The easy money transfer service: use your smartphone to send money abroad – securely, quickly and easily.

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Swiss Bankers app

Our practical app.

Card balance and expenses overview, card top-up, card blocking in the event of loss, money transfer via Send and more.

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Swiss Bankers

The future of payment.

As a leading prepaid credit card issuer, we offer innovative solutions for cashless payment transactions.

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What is a prepaid credit card?

A prepaid credit card is a credit-based credit card for loading. You can only withdraw as much money as you have previously loaded. It is not possible to overdraw. A major advantage of the prepaid credit card is that it is not linked to a bank account. This means you keep your spending under control and are better protected against card fraud.
Whether in everyday life or when traveling, a prepaid credit card is an ideal companion no matter where you go. There are over 70 million stores and online stores worldwide where you can use your Swiss Bankers card. In Switzerland alone, there are more than 100,000 points of acceptance.
Prepaid credit cards can be used in the same way as credit cards. The only exception is when renting a car, where a security for the damage is required by credit card, prepaid credit cards are not suitable. However, it should be possible to rent a car with fully comprehensive insurance coverage without a deductible without any problems.


What are the advantages of a prepaid credit card over a credit card?

Easy application without credit check
A prepaid credit card is easier and faster to apply for than a credit card. One advantage is that no credit check is necessary. Even with a negative credit rating, you can successfully apply for a card.

High security
Another advantage of a prepaid credit card is that you run only a limited monetary risk of loss in case of loss. Prepaid credit cards from Swiss Bankers offer the highest level of security and have state-of-the-art security features. To prevent misuse, there is no name on Swiss Bankers prepaid credit cards. In case of loss, you can block the card at any time via the Swiss Bankers app or contact our support. In case of fraud, no credit limit can be used up and therefore only the credit balance can be used up. In addition, your balance is insured with a deposit guarantee up to the maximum amount of CHF 100,000 per customer.

Full cost control
Thanks to prepaid, no negative balance can occur. High credit card bills with interest on arrears can thus not arise. As a parent, you can always keep an eye on your charge’s spending thanks to the Swiss Bankers app. Especially when shopping, the maximum amount that can be spent in case of fraud is the loaded balance. This way, you can determine how much money you want to spend.

Ideal for teenagers
At a youthful age, the desire for independence increases. Whether traveling, in everyday life or online shopping. The desire for a bank card is growing and with it the need to be able to manage your own finances. Swiss Bankers offers prepaid credit cards from the age of 12. For children and young people aged 12–16, these can only be applied for by a legal representative. From the age of 16, you can apply for a prepaid credit card without the consent of a legal representative. Credit cards, on the other hand, can usually only be used from the age of 18. Therefore, prepaid credit cards are particularly suitable for minors. You always have the costs under control and debts within a credit limit cannot arise. Ideal for children and teenagers to learn the right way to handle money early.

The best hotel deals with up to 50% discount
With the free prepaid Travel credit card from Swiss Bankers you get up to 50% discount in more than 600 hotels in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. From simple bed & breakfast to 5-star luxury hotels. The card is available without an annual fee.

What does a prepaid credit card cost?
That depends on which card you choose. You can use the prepaid Travel credit card from Swiss Bankers without an annual fee. Costs are only incurred for loading and payment. It is ideal for travellers and for anyone who uses the card occasionally. The prepaid Life Digital credit card is already available for CHF 2.90 per month. You can order it in just a few minutes in the Swiss Bankers app and it is immediately available on your smartphone. You load the card on the same day and can use it immediately. You can also order the card as a plastic card with an annual fee of CHF 45.



Which prepaid credit card is the right one?

As the specialist for prepaid credit cards, Swiss Bankers has developed optimal solutions for your maximum flexibility and freedom, whether you are traveling, for everyday use or for shopping on the Internet.

Do you travel a lot and frequently use a card for payment? Then the prepaid Life credit card is the best choice. This card is specially designed for your everyday needs. There are no transaction fees.

For all online shoppers who can do without a plastic card, we have developed the Life Digital. The digital card is only available virtually in an app. It has been developed for frequent everyday use and has no transaction fees. By not using a plastic card, you save money and protect the environment at the same time.

For traveling, we have the prepaid Travel credit card on offer for you. This card offers you maximum security and flexibility when traveling. The best thing is, you pay no annual fee and get up to 50% discount in over 600 hotels. For those who need a credit card only occasionally, Travel is the best choice. Fees are only charged when you load and use the card.

Value is the prepaid credit card from Swiss Bankers for businesses. It is the ideal solution for paying expenses and advances to employees. The Value card can be integrated into Klara accounting. Klara offers you a simple and professional way to manage your expenses.

Prime is the exclusive prepaid credit card from Swiss Bankers. The card is available at selected private banks. Thanks to a higher loading limit, Prime offers even more flexibility than the other prepaid credit cards from Swiss Bankers.



What is the difference between a prepaid credit card and a credit card?

In the event of a charge, a prepaid credit card immediately debits the money available on the credit card account. Only as much money can be debited as has been paid into the credit card account. With a credit card, the money is borrowed from the bank and debited from the account collectively at the end of the month.

The only prepaid credit card in Switzerland that allows you to send money for free

Swiss Bankers is the Swiss market leader in prepaid credit cards. Since 1975, our customers have benefited from innovative payment solutions. We are the only provider in Switzerland to offer a peer-to-peer money transfer service. This means that as the owner of a prepaid Life credit card from Swiss Bankers, you can use the Swiss Bankers app to send money to your friends or relatives free of charge, provided they also have a prepaid Life credit card from Swiss Bankers. The innovative service is not only available in Switzerland, but in many countries worldwide.

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