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Swiss Bankers is committed to safeguarding the privacy of website users. Because your privacy is very important to us, we take our responsibility to protect your personal information very seriously. Our cookie policy outlined below contains detailed information on the topic.

Cookie policy


All websites and apps operated by Swiss Bankers Prepaid Services Ltd and Swiss Bankers Prepaid Services (Liechtenstein) Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Swiss Bankers", "we" or "us") use cookies for statistical purposes, to improve user experience, and for the provision of services and online advertising campaigns. Cookies are required for the full functionality of the website. By using our website, you consent to the use of cookies.


Cookie Definition


Cookies are stored in the form of small data files on your devices. Based on the statistical information from cookies, including pages visited, and pages of greater and lesser interest to users, we can improve our website and our offer and display content that our users find relevant and useful. In addition, cookies help us to provide targeted advertisements.


Use of cookies on the Swiss Bankers website


We use cookies on our website for the following purposes:

  • Website improvement based on number of visits and amount of time spent. Cookies help us determine which pages need to be redesigned.

  • Display of preferred content: we obtain information on your preferences that enable us, for example, to display the website in your language and with the right layout for your device.

  • Improving the website's speed and performance: statistical data help us to provide you with relevant information even more quickly.

Cooperation – partners and third parties:

  • To improve the user experience and our online advertising campaigns, we work with third parties and use their software components. For example, we would not be able to offer payment for online orders using a prepaid card without our partners. Our cooperation partners may also use cookies for the purposes mentioned above.


    Where there is an existing partnership with a third party, cookies are used to display Swiss Bankers advertisements on third-party websites. Our partners may also collect anonymized data related to your use of their website. This anonymized information includes – but is not limited to – the name of the third-party site you visited, categories of interest to you, and language/geographic location information. We use this information to improve the effectiveness of our advertising efforts and to increase the benefit to user


Third-party cookies and tracking technologies

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Change cookie settings


You have the possibility at all times to directly control the use of cookies by manually deleting cookies in your internet browser settings.


Additional information


If you leave this website by clicking on a hyperlink, please note that different privacy and cookie policies may apply on the other website. Swiss Bankers is not responsible for the content of these sites, their data protection provisions or the way they handle personal data.


Cookie opt-out

This website uses cookie-based technologies from cooperation partners that allow us to learn more about your usage habits. In the framework of Online Behavioral Advertising (also called OBA or "usage based online advertising"), digital advertisements are output based on the anonymous analysis of the online behavior of internet users and delivered in accordance with their inferred interests. Some providers also use cookies for this purpose. This enables us to better adapt our services as well as advertisements we place on partner sites to your needs. Of course, no personal data such as names or addresses is being stored. We only use anonymous cookies and thus comply with the applicable statutory data protection regulations.