More security while shopping online

Use the card settings in the app and the detection options to protect yourself.

Swiss Bankers security information.

Use the card settings in the app and the detection options to protect yourself:

  • Never use your credit card to make purchases at shops unfamiliar to you; it is best to instead request to be invoiced. You can usually recognise problematic websites by the fact that prices are simply too good to be true. They often also contain linguistic errors. 
  • Check whether the merchant can be trusted. Only pay by credit card if the website URL contains https:// and the padlock in the status bar is shown in the closed/locked state. This means that encrypted data transmission is enabled on the website.
  • Use the Swiss Bankers app to approve online payments. In the future, payments will only be confirmed and approved using two-factor authentication (2FA). Mastercard Identity Check is used to provide this feature. It ensures that only you, as the rightful cardholder, can conduct a transaction using your Swiss Bankers card. This way, your data is protected even more effectively.
  • Contact Swiss Bankers immediately if you notice a suspicious transaction. This will make it possible for faster action to be taken to prevent fraudulent activity.

What you should do to protect yourself when making purchases on the Internet.

  1. Download the app, open it and add your prepaid credit card.
  2. Click Card Settings & PIN code.
  3. Use the app to block your card yourself or immediately report card misuse to customer service by phone or e-mail. Phone: +41 31 710 12 15. E-mail:
  4. If you receive suspicious e-mails, ignore them or forward them to is operated by MELANI, the Reporting and Analysis Centre for Information Assurance of the Swiss Confederation. This is how you can contribute to the fight against phishing e-mails.

Submit a complaint about a transaction.

Please complete the online transaction complaint form and send it to