Mastercard® Identity Check™

What is Mastercard Identity Check?

Mastercard Identity Check (formerly “Mastercard SecureCode”) is an authentication procedure from Mastercard for making online purchases with the highest security requirements. This protects you from unauthorised use of your Swiss Bankers card by third parties. When making an online purchase, you will be asked to approve the payment in the Swiss Bankers app after entering the card details. This procedure checks two security factors: access to your smartphone and your credentials in the Swiss Bankers app.

How secure is Mastercard Identity Check?

New payment standards and European laws require two-factor authentication (2FA) for online purchases to meet the highest security requirements. With Mastercard Identity Check, this is guaranteed and your data is protected even more effectively. By checking two security features, it is guaranteed that a payment on the Internet can only be made by you. At the same time, this procedure ensures increased security and more convenience when shopping online with your Swiss Bankers card.

How can I use Mastercard Identity Check?

You can activate Mastercard Identity Check free of charge in just a few steps:

  1. Download the Swiss Bankers app
  2. Open and log in
  3. Add your Swiss Bankers card

Once you have added your card in the Swiss Bankers app, Mastercard Identity Check is automatically activated. Have fun shopping safely online!

Download the Swiss Bankers app now:

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