Life is the uncomplicated prepaid credit card from for everyday use. You can add credit as needed, pay securely worldwide and always have your costs under control.

Prepaid Life card

Ideal for anyone looking for flexibility. Or as a purely digital card only for smartphones.

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Travel is the secure prepaid credit card for use away from home – without any annual fees. In the event of loss, the card including the balance will be replaced worldwide.

Prepaid Travel card

Ideal for travellers who value unparalleled security.

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Prime is the exclusive prepaid credit card, available from selected private banks. You can add money to your balance as required and can pay worldwide securely and conveniently.

Prepaid Prime card

Exclusively for customers of private banks with high standards.

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Send is the convenient and reliable money transfer service: you can send money quickly and securely to your relatives and friends abroad using your smartphone.

Send service

Ideal for anyone who wants to send money easily and conveniently.

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Value is the prepaid credit card for companies. Value is the solution for fast and uncomplicated payments of funds and expense and advance payments to employees.

Prepaid Value card

Ideal for companies looking for an efficient expense and payment solution.

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Swiss Bankers App

The Swiss Bankers app provides you with a variety of options and attractive services for your prepaid credit card. Take advantage of this and make cashless payment even easier, more secure and more manageable.