Travel advice for Cayman Islands.

Here you will find important tips and useful information for Cayman Islands.

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Travel money:

Prepaid Travel credit card

in Swiss francs (CHF)

  • For ATM cash withdrawals

  • For cashless payments in shops, restaurants, hotels, and online

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in US Dollar (USD)

    Local currency / ISO Code

    Cayman Islands dollar KYD

    Currency exchange rate

    KYD 1 = ~ CHF 0.00 ; CHF 1 = ~ KYD 0.00 (07/2015)

    Further Information

    Credit cards


    • Customary credit cards are accepted in most places. For more detailed information, please contact the credit card issuer.

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    Useful tips from our experts:

    Transfer money worldwide with Send.

    Send is the convenient and reliable money transfer service: you can send money quickly and securely to your relatives and friends abroad using your smartphone.

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    Practical Information:

    Opening hours


    9.00 - 16.00 h (Mon - Thu)
    9.00 - 16.30 h (Fri)


    9.00 - 17.00 h (Mon - Sat)

    • International driver's licence recommended.

    • Visitors Driver's License issued by local police upon presentation of Swiss license (English translation recommended).

    • Minimum age for car rentals: 21 (varies by rental company).

    Time difference with Switzerland

    - 6 h / - 7 h during our summer time

    National language

    Official language



    George Town

    Country code for calling Switzerland

    011 41 (disregard '0' preceding Swiss area codes)


    110 volt / adapter required

    Travel documents for Swiss citizens

    Passport still valid after end of stay, tourist card, return or onward travel ticket and sufficient funds for stays up to 1 month (may be extended on site).

    Swiss Embassy / Consulate

    Grand Cayman, 13 Staghorn Close, Coral Gables
    Tel.: +1 345 326 43 85

    Ideal for your journey: the Travel card.

    Travel is the secure prepaid card for use away from home – without any annual fees. In the event of loss, the card including the balance will be replaced worldwide.

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