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The Value Card, for companies


The Swiss Bankers Value Card is the ideal solution for easily paying out funds: load the card and use it like a credit card or to withdraw cash – worldwide.


As part of our new brand image, from mid-April 2020, Value Card will be called Value.


Value Card:
The Ideal Solution for Paying Out Funds

Why the Value Card makes more sense than a credit card

Do you have employees who are travelling abroad? Or are you frequently annoyed by the high surcharges on credit card payments in foreign currencies? The Value Card is also available in euros and US dollars, thus avoiding currency exchange losses.

Do you have employees who need cash while travelling? Do you think service charges on credit card cash withdrawals are simply too high? Withdraw cash using the Value Card for only CHF 5.–, EUR 5.–, or USD 5.– only, depending on the card currency (cash withdrawals in other countries are charged at CHF 7.50, EUR 7.50, or USD 7.50 from 1st September 2019).

Do you have temporary employees or project collaborators? Does it simply take too long to have a credit card issued? The Value Card is quickly and easily loaded with funds and can be handed over to employees right away.

Why the Value Card makes more sense than cash

Would you like to provide participants at conferences and events with money for their personal expenses? Would you rather not send your customers cash? Or is it simply too unsafe and complicated to pay out cash? The Value Card allows paying out funds easily, quickly and safely.

Why the Value Card makes more sense than a bank transfer

Would you like to present your employees, salespeople, or customers with a bonus or an anniversary gift but a transfer to a bank account seems too impersonal? You can best express your appreciation by giving them a Value Card.

Easy loading of card

Your organization hands the Value Card over to the beneficiary and loads the card using an online application. Available as single-load or reloadable cards. Loads may be entered individually or collectively for multiple cards and then transmitted to Swiss Bankers. Loads are generally credited to the card within an hour of placing the order. Your organization pays the equivalent of the loads to Swiss Bankers on the next working day.

Easy to use for the cardholder

Cardholders can use the Value Card to pay at over 44 million shops, restaurants, hotels and online shops accepting Mastercard. In many shops, you can even make quick and convenient payments with your iPhone (iPhone 6 or above), an Apple Watch or contactless payments with your card. Cash withdrawals are possible worldwide at over 2 million ATMs carrying the Mastercard logo. You can check your expenses, cash withdrawals, and your card balance at any time by means of the «My Card» app or in the account status. If your card is lost, please contact Swiss Bankers Customer Service at +41 31 710 12 15 at once. Your card will immediately be blocked and promptly replaced including your credit balance worldwide. 


Cashless Payments

Swiss Bankers charges no fees for payments in shops or online.

Cash Withdrawals

Cash withdrawals at ATMs are charged at CHF 5.–, EUR 5.–, or USD 5.– only, depending on the card currency (cash withdrawals in other countries are charged at CHF 7.50, EUR 7.50, or USD 7.50 from 1st September 2019). The fee may be charged to the company or to the cardholders.

Fees Abroad

Swiss Bankers charges no additional service charges for payments in foreign currencies or for cash withdrawals abroad.

Value Card Fees

Positioning Flexible payment of money and expenses for companies and organisations
Currencies CHF / EUR / USD
Max. number cards nat. person not available
Max. number cards leg. person unlimited
Top-up min. subject to conditions
Top-up max. CHF / EUR / USD 10'000.00
Annual fee for end-customers -
Top-up fee subject to conditions
Processing fee change of currency* 0.95%
Processing fee foreign country 0.00% (none)
Domestic ATM withdrawal fee
depends on card currency
subject to conditions
Foreign ATM withdrawal fee*
depends on card currency
subject to conditions
Transaction fee POS and online no fees
Replacement card fee subject to conditions
Available from selected organisations
Use options
  • ATM
  • POS (Point of Sale)
  • Contactless (NFC)
  • Online (e-Commerce)
  • Apple Pay
  • Samsung Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Garmin Pay, Fitbit Pay, SwatchPAY!
Characteristics subject to conditions
Blocking, unblocking via "My Card" app.

*valid from 01.09.2019

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