Swiss Bankers is currently carrying out maintenance work on the systems. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Find out more here.

We'll be back soon!

Swiss Bankers is currently carrying out maintenance work on the systems. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Current interruptions

Maintenance work on 26/05/2024 between 00:00 - 17:00. Affected services:

  • Delays in the loading of cards 
  • Swiss Bankers app only available for authorising internet payments

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Maintenance work

Swiss Bankers and Mastercard® are currently carrying out maintenance work on the card payment platform, which may occur throughout the day. The following restrictions are expected:

  • Delays in card loads 
  • Limited access to the Swiss Bankers app

If your card is not topped up immediately, please be patient, as soon as the maintenance work is completed, your card will be topped up subsequently.


The reorganisation of our systems brings new benefits for all Swiss Bankers customers.

More security

  • When requesting a PIN by telephone, the PIN code is no longer issued verbally but sent in a separate letter in order to reduce attempts at fraud. The PIN code can still be reset via the Swiss Bankers app if it has been forgotten.

  • In certain cases, telephone identification via the Swiss Bankers hotline may be required to activate replacement cards. This increases security.

More transparency

  • A negative card balance can now be shown, e.g. if fees have been deducted and the balance is insufficient. This creates additional transparency.

  • Individual fees are broken down in more detail in the transaction details to provide greater clarity.

Questions and answers

Can I continue to pay with my card during maintenance interruptions?

Yes, you can continue to pay with your card. It will remain active for payments in shops, ATM withdrawals and Internet payments. 

Can I continue to top up my card?

During the maintenance work, card top-ups via the Swiss Bankers app are not possible. Top-ups via e-banking will be delayed, please be patient in this case, your card will be topped up later.

Can I use the Swiss Bankers app during maintenance interruptions?

The Swiss Bankers app and all associated functions such as PIN resetting, country blocks and money transfers via SEND may be unavailable during this time.

My payment did not work, what can I do?

Occasionally, payments may fail for a short time. In this case, we recommend simply making the payment again.

Who can I contact if I have problems during the interruptions?

We recommend that you wait for the maintenance interruptions and then check again whether your problem still exists. Answers to frequently asked questions can be found under FAQ.

How long do the maintenance interruptions last?

Maintenance interruptions can occur throughout the day.

Can restrictions also occur after maintenance?

Restrictions are possible. Swiss Bankers prioritises the functionality of key functions such as loading and payment. A specialised team monitors the card services around the clock to carry out immediate maintenance work if necessary and ensure secure operation.

What maintenance work are Swiss Bankers and Mastercard® carrying out exactly?

Swiss Bankers is working with Mastercard® to update the card processor. All Swiss Bankers card payments are processed via this platform.

Why is Swiss Bankers updating its card processor?

Mastercard® is discontinuing the operation of the current solution. Swiss Bankers is therefore switching to an alternative platform, which is also operated by Mastercard®.

What are the advantages for customers?

By updating the card processor, Swiss Bankers will continue to ensure smooth processing of card payments in the future and at the same time improve security and customer service. Find out more under Improvements.