Life prepaid card

The card for daily life. For all those who prefer to pay by card rather than cash.

With the Life card you pay online and with your smartphone without any risks. In addition, thanks to the Swiss Bankers management app, you can keep track of your spending anywhere and anytime.

Life in a nutshell

  • Accepted like a credit card

  • Pay securely online and via smartphone

  • No credit check

  • Full control: card management and card loads via the app

  • Protected funds

  • For adults, students and pupils from 16 years old

  • Full budget control

  • Latest chip technology

  • Yearly fee only CHF 45.00

Discover all advantages

Easy and fast to use

  1. Order the affordable Mastercard prepaid card from Swiss Bankers quickly and easily online.
  2. Activate your card by loading at least CHF 100.00 via e-banking.

When it is successfully activated, you can add your card to the Swiss Bankers app. All following loads can be made via the app.