Protection against phishing

What is phishing?

Currently, there is an increasing number of phishing requests via e-mail and SMS. In these, fraudsters try to obtain personal data such as card number, expiry date, check digit, PIN code, etc. Swiss Bankers will never ask you for your PIN or access data, neither by online form, e-mail or telephone. Please do not answer such requests.

Protect yourself against phishing.

Phishing e-mails are currently circulating which pretend to be from Swiss Bankers. In these e-mails, customers are asked to reply to the e-mail, click on a link that leads to a fake web form or open the attachment in the e-mail.

You can see that this is a phishing scam because the URL of the form is not In addition, Swiss Bankers will never request such information from you, neither by online form, e-mail or telephone.

What should I do if I suspect phishing?

Never reply to an e-mail asking you to unblock a blocked card or provide personal data such as card number, expiry date, security code, PIN code, etc. Personal data is never requested by e-mail.


What can you do?

Inform Swiss Bankers customer service immediately on +41 31 710 12 15 if you suspect that a phishing e-mail has been sent and you have already provided personal data. If you have not provided any personal information, you can ignore the e-mail or forward it to is operated by MELANI, the Reporting and Analysis Centre for Information Assurance of the Swiss Confederation. This is how you can contribute to the fight against phishing e-mails.