Always safe: your prepaid card from Swiss Bankers

Your prepaid card is issued by Swiss Bankers based in Switzerland. The company is the leading issuer of prepaid credit cards in Switzerland. Your card balance is fully secured thanks to our Swiss banking licence.

High security standards.

Your card comes with high security standards and can only be charged if funds have been loaded in advance. It is important that you adjust your security settings according to your needs and follow our tips for optimal security and fraud protection. Unlike other cards there is no link between your bank account and your Swiss Bankers card. Moreover, thanks to Mastercard SecureCode / Identity Check, the Card offers added protection against online card fraud.

Even more safe with the Swiss Bankers app.

With the Swiss Bankers app you have everything under control at all times:

  • After each transaction you will receive a notification on your mobile phone. This allows you to track every debit and directly identify fraudulent transactions. 
  • Block and unblock payments in certain countries with geo-blocking.
  • Block the card for purchases on the Internet or contactless payment as needed.
  • If you lose your card, block it yourself immediately.