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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting the Card

The Travel Cash Card is available in euros, US dollars and in Swiss francs.

Swiss Bankers Travel Cash is available from many banks, PostFinance offices and at SBB Change. The Travel Cash Card is exclusively available from distribution partners in Switzerland. Please visit Outlets for a current list of distributors. It is not possible to obtain a Travel Cash Card directly from Swiss Bankers Prepaid Services Ltd or to order the Card online (except for PostFinance/E-Finance customers).

When you travel in Europe or the United States, a Card in euros or US dollars is recommended. It is much more economical to choose the currency you need at the time you load the Card than when you withdraw cash or pay for purchases abroad. Also, you have a better overview if the currency of your Card coincides with the local currency of your destination. When you travel outside Europe or the United States, a Card in Swiss francs is advised.

When purchasing a Travel Cash Card, customers receive a copy of the General Terms and Conditions and a free card sleeve. The PIN and the Internet code are shipped separately from the card.

The cardholder or other persons can load funds to the card, i.e. to the corresponding card account. Swiss Bankers Prepaid Services AG reserves the right to restrict the circle of these persons.

No, Travel Cash Cards cannot be reloaded at bank counters for cash. The equivalent amount of the card load must be charged to the bank account of the beneficial owner.
The Card is registered by Swiss Bankers Prepaid Services AG under the name, address, nationality, and date of birth of the beneficial owner. The name is not shown on the Card.
Any beneficial owner may hold a maximum of five cards.

Using the Card

A Travel Cash balance inquiry is very easy and possible at any time. Customers may inquire about their current balance either via our hotline at +41 31 710 12 15 (Press 1), at, or by means of an app.

Load your Card and withdraw cash in local currency or pay for purchases directly worldwide wherever Mastercard is accepted: at about 2 million ATMs, at more than 40 million merchant locations, and online.

Many banks have introduced geoblocking for Maestro cards in order to preclude card fraud. This means that customers can no longer use their cards outside Europe unless having them activated by their bank prior to their departure. Experience shows that many customers do not remember this information of their bank and only find out that their card doesn't work when travelling in one of the countries concerned.

Swiss Bankers have not introduced geoblocking for the Travel Cash card. This means that cash withdrawals and payments with Travel Cash are possible worldwide without the need of an activation by the customer.

Travel Cash Mastercard includes the contactless payment function. Wherever you see the corresponding symbol  you can make quick contactless payments up to CHF 40.–. For higher amounts you also need to enter your PIN. With best encryption, contactless payment is just as secure as any other cashless payment system.

No. Even though many ATMs in Switzerland issue Swiss francs as well as euros, withdrawals can only be made in the currency of the country in which the Card is used, regardless of card currency.
When you withdraw funds from ATMs, there is a modest charge in the amount of EUR 5.–, USD 5.– or CHF 5.– depending on the currency you have chosen for your Card. An additional charge may apply at selected ATMs. Service charges are subject to change without notice.

The amount per withdrawal is dependent on the limit of the relevant ATM operator and is the same for all prepaid, credit, and bank cards. The limit is determined by the relevant ATM operator and may vary between banks or countries. In most countries, amounts equivalent to between at least CHF/EUR/USD 200.– and 1000.– per transaction can be withdrawn from ATMs. Exceptions exist in some countries where the living costs are very low. Our recommendation: also use the Travel Cash card for cashless payments in shops, restaurants, and hotels.

When you use the Card in shops or online, the fee is EUR 1.–, USD 1.– or CHF 1.–.
Yes, with Swiss Bankers Internet Cash you benefit from the worldwide acceptance network of Mastercard merchants. In other words, the Travel Cash card allows you to choose from millions of providers when shopping on the Internet.
If you wish to rent a car, please check the possible payment methods with the car rental company in advance. Prepaid cards are generally accepted for payment but not for reservations.

In most cases, the amount was not debited but merely pre-authorized. Pre-authorizations are e.g. common for hotel bookings, fuel purchases, or online purchases (e.g. iTunes). Pre-authorizations guarantee the vendors that the Card is active and can be charged. Generally, pre-authorizations are subsequently released automatically.

Yes, the balance of cards denominated in CHF can be checked at ATMs and PostFinance ATMs (Postomats) in Switzerland/Liechtenstein.

When asked whether you wish to accept the exchange rate while paying or withdrawing cash with your prepaid card abroad, always answer «no» to avoid an expensive currency conversion.

When using your prepaid card to pay or withdraw cash abroad, always choose the local currency (e.g. baht in Thailand, euro in Germany or Spain, rand in South Africa, etc.) to avoid an expensive currency conversion.

Reloading the Card

Travel Cash Cards can be reloaded at any branch office of the distributor where you purchased the Card initially. In addition, you can reload your card via e-banking and PostFinance or via the app «My Card» using a credit card. The Card cannot be reloaded by Swiss Bankers Customer Service or through payment to Swiss Bankers Prepaid Services AG.

There is no annual fee for your Travel Cash Card. At the time you load the Card, you simply pay a modest commission, as a rule 1.5 % of the load amount – something like an insurance premium for theft or loss protection.

Additional loading options via online and app:
By e-banking
Using the PostFinance Card: CHF 6.–
By credit card via the app «My Card» - fast loading: 1.5% on the total amount

Minimum load amount EUR/USD/CHF 100.–. Maximum load amount resp. Card balance EUR/USD/CHF 10,000.–.
The load amount is generally credited to the card no later than half an hour after order placement.

PIN and Internet Code / CVC

The PIN of the Travel Cash Mastercard card can be changed at an ATM in Switzerland or in Liechtenstein, at a PostFinance ATM (Postomat) in Switzerland, or worldwide via the Swiss Bankers Hotline +41 31 710 12 15. The procedure for changing the PIN by phone is as follows:

After the language selection, choose the «PIN Change» service via key 3. Enter Card number and PIN and confirm by pressing the # key. After entering the new PIN twice and confirming each entry by the # key, press key 1 to finish. The new PIN is valid immediately.

If you forgot your PIN, please call Customer Service (Mon to Fri 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.)
The PIN is required for cash withdrawals at ATMs, for direct payments in shops, and for accessing your card account via the «My Card» app. The Internet code is required for viewing your card account at Both codes are sent to you automatically. You can change your PIN by phone at +41 31 710 12 15. The Internet code cannot be changed.
If you forgot your Internet code, please call Customer Service +41 31 710 12 15 (Press 4: Internet Code).

The CVC (Card Verification Code) is a security code that is needed for making online payments, in particular. It is located on the back of your card (last three digits).


Please report the loss of your Card immediately to the Customer Service of Swiss Bankers Prepaid Services Ltd, phone +41 31 710 12 15. Your Card will be blocked immediately and you will receive a new Card loaded with the balance of your lost or stolen Card. Worldwide and at no charge.

The replacement card is immediately delivered by courier. Customers located in Europe will generally receive their replacement card on the following working day, customers in the USA after only two working days, and customers in farther countries after an average of three working days. This quick replacement is only possible because no name is printed on the Travel Cash card and the Swiss Bankers Customer Service can ship the replacement card immediately. The delivery of a Travel Cash replacement card is free of charge worldwide.

The period of validity is shown on the Card. Upon expiration, however, no credit balance is cancelled. Upon request made by the Cardholder, any Card balance will be transferred to a new Card or, against payment of a service charge, to an account designated by the Cardholder. Upon expiration of the Card an annual handling fee is charged to the Card account. Card accounts without a credit balance are cancelled upon the date of expiration.
Small amounts remaining on Travel Cash Cards which can no longer be withdrawn from ATMs are refunded to the customer by transfer to a bank or postal account upon request made to Travel Cash Customer Service.


If lost or stolen, the Card will be replaced worldwide free of charge and including the remaining balance by courier. Unlike other cards, Swiss Bankers Travel Cash is not tied to your bank account. Moreover, thanks to Mastercard SecureCode, the Card offers added protection against online card fraud.

Yes, like any bank or securities dealer in Switzerland, Swiss Bankers is required to sign the Agreement by Swiss Banks and Securities Dealers on Deposit Insurance and as such is a member of esisuisse. Client deposits held with Swiss branches of the bank are protected for up to CHF 100'000.– per client, per bank. Deposits also include medium-term notes held in the name of the depositor at the issuing bank. All relevant information on the deposit insurance can be found at

Changed PINs or SecureCodes must not contain easily recognized combinations (such as phone number, date of birth, license plate number, etc.)
Fraudsters use phishing e-mails to try to gain access to personal data such as card number, expiration date, validation code, PIN, SecureCode, etc. in order to carry out transactions in the name of the Cardholder.
Never answer an e-mail asking you to unblock a blocked card or to disclose personal data such as card number, expiration date, validation code, PIN, SecureCode, etc.
Inform Swiss Bankers Customer Service at +41 31 710 12 15 immediately if you suspect a phishing attempt or if you already have inadvertently disclosed personal data.

What should I do if I suspect a phishing attempt?

Never answer an e-mail asking you to unblock a blocked card or to disclose personal data such as card number, expiration date, validation code, PIN, SecureCode, etc.

Inform Swiss Bankers Customer Service at +41 31 710 12 15 immediately if you suspect a phishing attempt or if you already have inadvertently disclosed personal data.