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The Benefits of the Travel Cash Card.

Accepted worldwide.

You can use your Travel Cash card like a Mastercard credit card to pay in more than 40 million shops worldwide and online and to withdraw cash from more than 2 million ATMs. The Travel Cash card is also accepted everywhere in Switzerland. In addition, in many shops you can make quick and convenient contactless payments with your card or your mobile device (e.g. with your smartphone or a smartwatch).

Easily available, quick to load.

Swiss Bankers Travel Cash can be obtained quickly and easily from most banks (including PostFinance) and SBB Change, where a credit balance of between 100 and a maximum of 10,000 euros, US dollars, or Swiss francs can be loaded at any time. Other loading possibilities are via e-banking and the app «My Card» using a credit card. The desired amount is generally credited to your card account within 15 minutes so that you can make secure payments worldwide and online and withdraw cash at once.

Also available in euros and US dollars.

The Travel Cash card is not only available in Swiss francs but also in euros and US dollars. As a result, you can avoid unnecessary currency conversions and the ensuing exchange losses while travelling in Europe and in the USA.

Full control over your expenses.

With Swiss Bankers Travel Cash you have control over your expenses: You can only spend the amount you have loaded onto your card. You can check your expenses, cash withdrawals, and your card balance at any time by means of the «My Card» app or at To find out about your remaining balance or your latest cash withdrawals, you can also call Swiss Bankers Customer Service at +41 31 710 12 15.

Total security.

Swiss Bankers Travel Cash is secure: Your card can only be charged when funds have been loaded. If lost or stolen, your card will be replaced worldwide by courier free of charge. Your credit balance will be preserved. Moreover, Swiss Bankers Travel Cash is equipped with the latest chip technology and offers added protection against online card fraud thanks to Mastercard SecureCode / Identity Check.

No annual fee.

There is no annual fee for your Travel Cash card. You merely pay a loading commission, generally 1.5 % of the load amount. In addition, the fees may vary depending on the loading mode. ATM withdrawals are charged at EUR 5.–, USD 5.–, or CHF 5.– only, depending on the card currency. When you use the card in shops or online, the fee is EUR 1.–, USD 1.–, or CHF 1.–.