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Cashless Payments

Swiss Bankers charges no fees for payments in shops or online.

Cash Withdrawals

An ATM withdrawal costs CHF 5.–.

Annual Fee

The annual fee for Mastercard Prepaid is only CHF 45.– and is charged in addition to the load amount when the card is loaded for the first time. In the following years, the annual fee is charged to the card account directly.

Monthly fee Mastercard Prepaid Digital

The monthly fee is only CHF 2.90 and is charged to the card account on a monthly basis.

Loss and Theft

Replacement cards are charged CHF 20.– in Switzerland and CHF 50.– abroad (delivery included).

Card Balance Refunds

Customers who no longer wish to use their card may withdraw the card balance from an ATM or have it transferred to a bank account for a fee of CHF 20.–.

Third-Party Fees

In some cases, ATM operators or vendors of goods and services charge fees on cash withdrawals or payments, respectively. Swiss Bankers has no influence on these fees, which are not only charged on the Mastercard Prepaid but on all credit cards, prepaid credit cards and Maestro cards of any card issuer.

Loading fees

If you order and load the Mastercard Prepaid online at Swiss Bankers:

  • By e-banking: free of charge
  • Using the PostFinance Card: CHF 6.–
  • By credit card via the app «My Card» - fast loading: 1.5% on the total amount