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Mastercard® Prepaid

Better than cash or a credit card: With the Mastercard Prepaid, your spending is always under control. For all who prefer paying by card.

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Mastercard Prepaid credit card – You have a partner in Swiss Bankers

You can use the Swiss Bankers Mastercard Prepaid like a credit card to pay at more than 44 million retail locations in Switzerland and abroad and withdraw cash inexpensively from about 2 million ATMs worldwide. Enjoy using a credit card without the risks: With our prepaid card, you alone determine what your budget is.

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Available to everyone: Freedom and flexibility with the Mastercard Prepaid

As the cardholder, you can determine how much credit you want to have on your prepaid card. As there is no risk of getting into debt, this reloadable Mastercard is perfect for anyone age 16 or older. Whether it’s for a holiday abroad or simply about maintaining a responsible budget, you will not run the risk of losing any money with our prepaid option. 

With our card, you can stay on the safe side and keep track of all your transactions. The Swiss Bankers Mastercard Prepaid is just the right solution for young adults who cannot obtain a traditional credit card due to their irregular income – or for those who simply want to make secure payments online and in their day-to-day life. Our prepaid Mastercard is the perfect way to keep your budget under control. What's more: No credit history check is required.

Available at many locations: the Mastercard Prepaid from Swiss Bankers

Mastercard Prepaid is available to everyone in the Swiss Bankers online shop, at more than 150 SBB stations and at various banks. You can purchase the card at numerous locations, for instance at your local cantonal or regional bank.

Hoechste Sicherheit

Very secure against card fraud. Ideal for online payments

Mastercard Prepaid is accepted by all online shops. It is ideal for people who do not have a credit card or prefer not to use their credit card for online purchases. Moreover, Mastercard Prepaid is equipped with the latest chip technology and offers added protection against online card fraud thanks to Mastercard SecureCode / Identity Check


Mastercard Prepaid for mobile payments

Your smartphone or smartwatch is always by your side. Cash, on the other hand, is impractical and takes up a lot of space in your wallet – not to mention those times when you forget to visit the ATM. Simply activate mobile payments in our «My Card»  app and look out for the contactless symbol at the cash register or ticket machine for simple and convenient payment. If you pay by smartphone, you don’t even have to get out your credit card, making the transaction even faster. It’s a great way to make payments without worry at any time: Most businesses and all supermarkets in Switzerland already accept mobile payments.

Volle Kostenkontrolle

Full cost control with the prepaid card

Mastercard Prepaid gives you full control of your spending: You can only spend the amount you have loaded onto your card. Simply use the «My Card» app to access all your expenses, cash withdrawals and your card balance at any time. 


Easily reload your card in just 15 minutes

You can reload your card where you obtained it. It is easy to add more credit to your card: You can make a money transfer using e-banking or load it with a credit card or PostFinance card using the «My Card» app. When reloading the card using the «My Card» app or through one of our sales partners, the amount is generally credited to your card account within 15 minutes. This enables you to immediately make online payments and cash withdrawals – securely and anywhere in the world. When using e-banking, it takes around two days for the amount to be credited to your card account.  

Abgesichertes Guthaben bei Diebstahl

Protected funds against theft and loss

Mastercard Prepaid is issued by Swiss Bankers Prepaid Services Ltd, the leading issuer of prepaid cards in Switzerland, owned by Swiss banks. Swiss Bankers holds a banking license so that your card assets are fully covered by the depositor protection scheme.

If your card happens to end up in the wrong hands, you can immediately block it yourself using the app or call our customer service hotline on +41 31 710 12 15 for more support. Whether it is theft or loss, you will be sent a new card including the amount of the card that was lost or stolen. The fee for a replacing your card is CHF 20.- within Switzerland and CHF 50.- abroad (including shipping). Please get in touch with customer service on +41 31 710 12 15 in order to replace your card.

Prepaid Mastercard with fair fees

No fees* are charged for loading your Mastercard Prepaid card. Neither are any fees charged by Swiss Bankers for payments in shops or online. Cash withdrawals at ATMs are charged at only CHF 5.- per transaction. For the card service, an annual fee of just CHF 45.- is charged on top of the load amount when the card is loaded for the first time, and deducted from your card balance every subsequent year.

*may vary depending on loading mode and distribution partner