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Mastercard Prepaid Digital

To order the digital card, simply download the «My Card» app from the Google Play Store or App Store. Then you can order the prepaid card directly from the app and it will be activated on your mobile phone in seconds. In the «My Card» app, you can load funds onto your card within 15 minutes. That's all! Now you can use it for your purchases.

Mastercard Prepaid Digital is compatible with: 

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Receive a initial credit of CHF 5.- and use the card free of charge for 3 months. And then only CHF 2.90 per month. 

Born to be digital

Now you can make mobile payments worldwide using your smartphone or smartwatch anywhere Mastercard is accepted and contactless payments are possible.


High security

Mastercard Prepaid Digital is secure: Your card can only be charged when funds have been loaded. Moreover, you can customize your security according to your needs.


Control your spending

Get control over your budget by managing your spending.


Low fee

For the card service, a monthly fee of just CHF 2.90 is charged on top of the load amount.