Mastercard Prepaid

The Swiss Bankers prepaid credit card. The budget control Mastercard EU. Ideal for people who do not have a credit card or prefer not to use it online.

The perfect solution for every need


For all who always want to pay securely and contactlessly.

  • Plastic card
  • CHF 45 per year
  • Ordered within minutes and delivered in 2 - 3 working days

Life Digital

For all who pay digitally with their smartphone. Free of charge for 3 months. Starting balance of CHF 5.

  • Digital only for smartphone
  • CHF 2.90 per month
  • Ready to use in a few minutes on your smartphone

The Benefits

Accepted Like a Credit Card.

You can use the reloadable Mastercard like a credit card to pay at more than 40 million merchant locations and to inexpensively withdraw cash from about 2 million ATMs worldwide. In many shops you can make convenient contactless payments.

Ideal for Online Payments.

The card is accepted by all online shops: Ideal for people who do not have a credit card or prefer not to use it online.

Three Card Currencies.

The reloadable Mastercard is available in euros, US dollars, and Swiss francs.

Easy to Load at Your Bank.

The card is very easy to obtain at your bank. Load funds from your giro account onto the card, and when they are spent, simply reload your card. The amount is credited to your card account within an hour so that you can make secure payments worldwide and online and withdraw cash from ATMs at once.

Full Budget Control.

The reloadable Mastercard gives you full control over your expenses: You can only spend the amount you have loaded onto your card.

Protected Funds.

The card is issued by Swiss Bankers Prepaid Services (Liechtenstein) Ltd, a subsidiary wholly owned by Swiss Bankers Prepaid Services Ltd. Swiss Bankers Prepaid Services Ltd holds a banking license and is the leading issuer of reloadable credit cards in Switzerland. Your card balance is protected. If lost or stolen, your card and your credit balance will immediately be replaced.

Modest Charges.

No fees are charged for loading your card. Neither are any fees charged by Swiss Bankers for payments in shops or online. Only cash withdrawals at ATMs are charged EUR, USD, or CHF 5,00 per transaction (depending on card currency). For the card service, an annual fee of only EUR, USD, or CHF 45,00 (depending on card currency) is charged in addition to the load amount when loading the card for the first time and deducted from your card balance every subsequent year.


Cashless Payments

Swiss Bankers charges no fees for payments in shops or online.

Cash Withdrawals

An ATM withdrawal costs EUR, USD or CHF 5,00 (depending on card currency).

Annual Fee

The annual fee is only EUR/USD/CHF 45,00 (depending on card currency and distribution partner) and is charged in addition to the load amount when the card is loaded for the first time. In the following years, the annual fee is charged to the card account directly.

Loss and Theft

Within Germany, replacement cards are issued and delivered free of charge. Outside Germany, a fee of EUR/USD/CHF 50,00 is charged.

Third-Party Fees

In some cases, ATM operators or vendors of goods and services charge fees on cash withdrawals or payments, respectively. Swiss Bankers has no influence on these fees, which are not only charged on the reloadable Mastercard but on all credit cards, prepaid credit cards and Maestro cards of any card issuer.

Always safe.

The latest security technologies protect against misuse. You can optionally block and reactivate your card for Internet purchases, contactless payment or certain countries.

More about security

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